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The Business Leadership Series Minute

Welcome to Business Leadership Series Podcast.

Aug 30, 2019

Rick Cesari has been responsible for infomercial campaigns such as OxiClean, George Foreman Grill, Sonicare, and many other successful ones. In this episode, Rick gives some tips on marketing, and sales.

Aug 29, 2019

Brent Medders talks about his mind set, and driving force, that keeps him growing his business. His personal drive for competition, as well as giving younger people an opportunity to grow, is the root of his drive to keep...

Aug 28, 2019

Building a company is not for the faint of heart. Ishveen is no stranger to the highs and lows of growing a business. Ishveen shares some pieces of her background that has helped her maintain her drive while building her company, OpenSponsorship.

Aug 27, 2019

Jake Fox grew up in a small town in Indiana, but that didn't hold him back from doing amazing things in his life. He is known for his time with the Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, and Baltimore Orioles. In this episode, Jake gives us some background on him to get you introduced to this amazing guest.

Aug 26, 2019

Yifat Cohen, owner of the YCN Group, is the special guest on this episode of the BLS Minute. Yifat shares a little bit about her background, and how she got her start in the world...