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The Business Leadership Series Minute

Welcome to Business Leadership Series Podcast.

Dec 29, 2017

Derek Champagne speaks with Tim Sanders on the topic of reciprocity. Tim Sanders is a New York Times best selling author of, "Love is the Killer App."

Dec 28, 2017

Derek Champagne speaks with Michael Giannulis about the importance of mindset. Be sure to check out the full podcast where Derek and Michael deep dive into business, mindset, leadership, facing challenges, and tips on scaling your business.

Dec 27, 2017

Derek speaks to Aaron Walker about authenticity, and the importance having those around you to hold you accountable.

Dec 26, 2017

Derek speaks with Jeffrey Shaw about the importance of finding your ideal customer. Jeffrey is a professional photographer, who shares a story from his book about a major turning point in his entrepreneurial journey.

Dec 25, 2017

Derek Champagne speaks with Jeffrey Smith about the evolution of Amazon Alexa, and how brands can begin using this technology it to reach new clients.